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i’m your dhampir, you’re my moroi, done. some days we’re just teenagers and other days i’m risking my neck to protect you from an ancient race of predatory vampires. or whoever else, and that’s life.

at least until they come up with a  b e t t e r  w o r d  f o r  i t.

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dimitri belikov + his roza

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I set off, off to  k i l l  the man I loved.

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All Moroi had a small ability in each element. When they got to be around our age, students “specialized” when one element grew stronger than the others: earth, water, fire, or air. Not specializing was like not going through puberty.


Vampire Academy Meme:

One OTP: Rose + Dimitri

- Do you think I’m pretty? 
- I think you’re beautiful.
- Beautiful?
- You’re so beautiful, it hurts me sometimes.

You girls throw yourselves at any douche bag who happens to be Moroi and royal.

Eventually, everything goes away.

Roza. His voice had the same wonderful lowness, the same accent…it was just colder. “You forgot my first lesson: Don’t hesitate.

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You don’t hold back your feelings, your passion, your anger. It makes you remarkable. It makes you dangerous.

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"You and I have never liked each other, Rose. If I’ve got to kill someone, it might as well be you.

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“I don’t belong to anyone. I make my own choices.” "And you’re with Adrian," said Dimitri.”But I was meant for you.” 

                             Vampire Academy - Last Sacrifice


“I don’t belong to anyone. I make my own choices.” 
"And you’re with Adrian," said Dimitri.
But I was meant for you.” 

                             Vampire Academy - Last Sacrifice

She’d do anything for you.